AT Dream

After years of talking to potential hiking partners about hiking the Appalachian Trail, it became clear no one I knew was really serious about hiking all 2,190 miles of it in one season. I realized I was going to have to tackle this goal on my own and that’s when I fell into limbo. Without anyone with whom to coordinate, I didn’t know when to start this long hike. My husband suggested going sooner rather than later. His reasoned the longer I waited, the better the chance I would never go at all.

I took a hard look at what would be different about hiking in 2018 instead of a  year or two later. The only disadvantages for going the very next season all had to do with money. Saving more money for the trip and current financial obligations  were at the heart of every reason to wait. I’m a certified financial planner, with decades of experience helping people reach financial goals. I know a thing or two about money, and two things I know for sure. First, you can always use more money. Second, you will always find a way to have money for what you truly want.

I fretted about it for a few more days, and then decided my husband was right. If I waited a few more years trying to have “enough money” it was likely my dream would stay a dream and I would never go. It was time to set a date and figure out how to make the money work out.

I chose March 2018 and began researching how to prepare. Ironically, within a week I had a bona fide hiking partner also committed to go the entire distance! I spent all those years searching for a hiking partner, when all I needed to do was commit to my dream and state my intention to those around me.

A couple months later the financial end worked itself out, too. I found ways to cut costs and to save more money. I was inspired to spend less on everyday items. Over time I became inventive in earning a little bit extra here and there. Now I have both a partner and “enough” money. Funny how the definition of enough changes when it is no longer an excuse, but a part of your mission.

Whatever your dream, making it part of your life comes when you commit to the dream and take action. For me, the turning point was choosing a date and declaring I would go. I don’t know what it will be for you, but I hope you take the steps to make your dream become your life, too.


Keynote Speeches

Appalachian Trail Journey:

2,190 miles on foot. 14 States. Over 6 Months.

For six solid months, everything Lorrie Hess needed to survive she carried on her back and in her heart.

Lorrie completed the Appalachian Trail, fulfilled a lifelong dream, and finished with a fresh perspective on what it takes to reach goals.

Her thoughtful and funny keynote presentations will inspire you to set your own goals, follow your dreams and give you tools you need to find your own success.

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“More Than Footsteps” (Goal Setting and Perseverance)

One heartbeat after another provides the drive to overcome challenges and be successful. Your age and ability do not determine success. It’s your willingness to keep going and growing that turn dreams into reality.

  • The path won’t change to suit you
  • Strangers will help you succeed
  • Yes, it will hurt along the way
  • Your best is more than good enough
  • Friends make the journey more fun
  • “Lessons From The Trail” (Leadership and Professional Development)

    Hiking mountains gives you a different view.  Reach your professional and leadership goals with entertaining insights from hiking 2,190 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

  • Everything can be delegated except footsteps
  • Mice are a bigger problem than bears
  • Not certain you’re on track? Maybe you’re not
  • Consistency matters more than speed
  • Leveraging your team doesn’t compromise your commitment
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    Coaching moves you to the future
    you envision. It clarifies your goal,
    discovers what stops you and
    propels you to success.

    Career Goals

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  • Discover a more satisfying vocation
  • Explore other positions in current career
  • Choose an employer or career match
  • Determine education path for next career
  • Find a better working environment
  • Personal Goals

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    • Financial: Purposeful spending/saving, fund future goals and stop worrying
    • Adventure: Move from dreaming to doing
    • Travel: Explore big, bold plans and go on the adventure!

    Small Business Owner Goals

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  • Identify strategies for growth
  • Accountability for key tasks
  • Effective time management skills
  • Build profitable best practices
  • Develop new clients or markets
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    The Journey

    I’m exhausted. Fourteen miles into town on gravel roads, then asphalt roads with traffic from Highway 210 rerouted onto the same road I hiked …this isn’t what exhausted me. The fours days prior with temps in the mid 90’s while winds howled 30 mph as they pushed me sideways along the dusty roads, causing a …