Day 187 – Slacking

Ahhhh, it’s a wonderful feeling to carry six pounds on your back when you usually carry thirty plus pounds. I’ve been the lucky hiker who has been able to “slack pack” over three hundred miles at the end of my trek thanks to two Trail Angels – my husband, Marc, and Santiago’s wife, Laura. We are a couple days from beginning the 100-mile wilderness, and even in that desolate stretch Laura has found a way to meet up with us every few days so we can light-pack at around twenty-some pounds.

Marc started our stretch of slack packing at the end of August, and after he went home a couple weeks later, we found kind shuttle drivers who took some of our stuff up north so we could light pack the days between his visit and Laura arriving. Not only does a light pack make the days lots better – easier footing on steep slippery rocks and less wear on my knees, but it usually means we stay in a hostel, hotel, or off-trail campground that night. Showers, electricity, and restaurants are greatly enjoyed when you’ve been living in the woods for six months! We still camp out a night or two every week, because we hike through such remote areas. Slack packing has made the camping out in between fun again. Even when it’s raining or dips down close to the freezing point, we aren’t too glum because we know in a day or so we will be warm and dry.

Friends and followers, we are only about twelve hiking days from finishing our 2,190.9 mile trek! I have been enjoying the journey far more these last weeks than we were in the middle, thanks to Marc and Laura. It’s been tough and challenging, beautiful and humbling, …and ever so much better since our favorite Trail Angels came to help lighten our load.

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  1. Happy for you and proud of you Lorrie. We have learned so much by following you on your journey. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you after your return home.

  2. I just echo what John Lopez said. I’ve enjoyed your journey more than you can imagine and yet I know I have know real idea of what you faced and conquored. Congrats and happy hiking these last few miles!

    Jim Graham

  3. The Camino is a slack packer journey. I’m carrying everything but it is only 16 pounds with food and water for the day. I just finished day 11; still a novice by AT standards. You are such an inspiration.

  4. Norman it will be wonderful to see you again and hear some of the stories from your hike. What an awesome experience that must be.
    Uncle Terry & Aunt Renee

  5. Looks like you will conquer the trail w that determined spirit of yours Lori! Hang in there! Go get’m.! You missed a long hot summer in the Hill country but fall arrived just in time yesterday!


  6. Uncle Jerry and I am in Charlotte N.C. and I just read your last entry. I am glad that you are close to ending your hike. What an experience, maybe you should write a book. Be safe the rest of your trip. Love Aunt Kar

  7. I wrote a comment but it seems to have been lost. You know I am not much on email. Glad you are nearing the end of the hike. Congrats and be safe the rest of the trip. Love Aunt Kar. and Uncle Jerry

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