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Appalachian Trail Journey:

2,190 miles on foot. 14 States. Over 6 Months.

For six solid months, everything Lorrie Hess needed to survive she carried on her back and in her heart.

Lorrie completed the Appalachian Trail, fulfilled a lifelong dream, and finished with a fresh perspective on what it takes to reach goals.

Her thoughtful and funny keynote presentations will inspire you to set your own goals, follow your dreams and give you tools you need to find your own success.

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“More Than Footsteps” (Goal Setting and Perseverance)

One heartbeat after another provides the drive to overcome challenges and be successful. Your age and ability do not determine success. It’s your willingness to keep going and growing that turn dreams into reality.

  • The path won’t change to suit you
  • Strangers will help you succeed
  • Yes, it will hurt along the way
  • Your best is more than good enough
  • Friends make the journey more fun
  • “Lessons From The Trail” (Leadership and Professional Development)

    Hiking mountains gives you a different view.  Reach your professional and leadership goals with entertaining insights from hiking 2,190 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

  • Everything can be delegated except footsteps
  • Mice are a bigger problem than bears
  • Not certain you’re on track? Maybe you’re not
  • Consistency matters more than speed
  • Leveraging your team doesn’t compromise your commitment
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